Pool Maintenance Service West Palm Beach and Palm Beach

Having a pool is a privilage, and it only takes a few weeks of neglect for a pristine pool to turn green with algae!

Weekly pool maintenance will keep your clean, safe, and enjoyable for all your friends and family this summer and all year long!

 The Living Water Pools maintenance team is dedicated to providing top-notch service to pool owners in Palm Beach and West Palm Beach, offering all the services needed keep your pool in sparkly clean condition.


Regular maintenance tasks include cleaning the pool surface, skimming debris, vacuuming the pool floor, and maintaining proper chemical balance

The Living Water Pools team will also inspect and clean the pool filter, check and adjust water levels, and ensure that all equipment is functioning correctly.

  1. Pool surface: Our service includes thorough cleaning and scrubbing of the pool surface to remove any algae, debris, and stains, ensuring a pristine appearance.
  2. Skimming debris: We meticulously skim the surface of your pool to remove leaves, insects, and other debris, maintaining a clean and inviting swimming environment.
  3. Vacuuming the pool floor: Our team employs advanced vacuuming techniques to effectively remove dirt, sediment, and debris from the pool floor, ensuring a hygienic swimming experience.
  4. Maintaining proper chemical balance: We expertly monitor and adjust the chemical levels in your pool to optimize water quality, preventing algae growth and maintaining safe swimming conditions.
  5. Inspect and clean the pool filter: Our pool service includes regular inspection and cleaning of the filter, ensuring efficient filtration and water circulation.
  6. Check and adjust water levels: We carefully monitor and adjust the water levels in your swimming pool to ensure optimal functionality of equipment and proper water circulation.
  7. Equipment check – We will review all equipment, including the pool pump, is functioning properly: Our dedicated technicians conduct thorough inspections to ensure all pool equipment, including the pump, filter, and heaters, are operating at peak efficiency to maintain a healthy pool environment.
  8. Brushing the pool walls and tile: We provide meticulous brushing of the pool walls and tile to remove algae buildup and maintain a sparkling clean appearance, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your pool.

Pool Care Costs

  • Full-Service Maintenance (Twice a Week): At $129 a month, this service is perfect for high-traffic, high end, large pools that require thorough, regular pool cleaning and maintenance. It includes surface and tile cleaning, filter cleaning, and rigorous water testing to maintain optimal chlorine and pH levels.
  • Weekly Maintenance Service: For $89 a month – West Palm Beach homeowners can enjoy a comprehensive once-a-week clean that includes vacuuming, sanitizing, and chemical balancing. Ideal for those with less foot traffic but who still value a pristine pool.
  • Chemical Balance Service: At $69 a month, this package is designed for the budget-conscious who can manage minor pool cleaning tasks but needs professional help maintaining water chemistry.

In addition to regular maintenance, the team can also provide specialized services such as pool equipment repair, leak detection, and pool resurfacing

We also install new pool heaters and repair existing heaters!

By trusting in Living Water maintenance team, you can rest assured that your swim zone be well-maintained and ready for use at all times.

So if you need pool maintenance in West Palm Beach and Palm Beach, partnering with the Living Water maintenance team is a smart choice to ensure the longevity and enjoyment of your pool. 

Contact us today at (561) 863-3233 or click here to have a sparkilng clean pool for this HOT summer!